Asbah Basmati Rice

Biryani with Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice – A Tasty Surprise

A single bite of a Biryani cooked with nutritious and premium Extra long grain Basmati Rice raises the spirits of people.

There are numerous types of rice, which we can be utilized to cook Biryani. Extra-long grain Basmati Rice is on top to prepare delectable Biryani. An extra-long grain Basmati rice is fluffy and aromatic, combined with spices and herbs will leave you longing for more It has own beautiful flavor and when Extra-long grain basmati rice is used in the Biryani it tastes delicious.

Platinum Basmati Rice

Basmati rice in India originates from the foothills of the Himalayas and 7 states to processed, prepared and deliver around the world. Whenever there’s a happy occasion or there are guests come over for a dinner, Meals cooked with the extra long grain basmati rice is the best. As specified earlier the aroma and taste of Extra Long Grain Basmati rice is divine to the point that it truly doesn’t need any other enhancer, however, yes, including spices and different herbs makes it more alluring. Basmati is ideal rice for cooking a pulao or a biryani and gives an incredible taste with curries and yogurt.

From the light and fragrant Lucknowi biryani to the spicy Hyderabadi, the Kolkata adaptation with potatoes, and the gentle Malabar biryani, there are various regional varieties of the dish. To cook a tasty Biryani, it’s important to have a quality of Basmati Rice and how it is made. Asbah’s Platinum Rice is most appropriate for basmati rice to prepare Food for good. This rice has an authentic sweet taste and a rich aroma that is mind-boggling.

Try Asbah Basmati Rice and uplift your mood.

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