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April 2018

Best Basmati Rice

The Rice Fortification Initiative By Asbah

Food fortification is the process of blending food with essential vitamins and minerals that regular staples often lack. It is a wide-reaching and feasible way society can get greater nutritional value from the foods they eat on a daily basis. Rice fortification is a cost-effective, culturally appropriate strategy to address micronutrient deficiency. Fortifying rice makes it more nutritious by adding vitamins and minerals in the post-harvest phase.

Asbah is at the forefront of the Rice Fortification Program to address the nutritional deficiencies which is one of the greatest global health challenges. Asbah is the 1st Rice brand to introduce Fortified Basmati Rice enriched with 8 nutrients as per the guidelines by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI), a government of India body. It took us years of R&D under the supervision and guidance of scientists from Indian Research Agricultural Institute (IRAI) and experts from PATH Foundation to develop the best Fortified Rice Kernel (FRK). FRKs’ (Fortified Rice Kernel) is an extruded rice shaped grain made from rice flour, vitamins, and minerals using extrusion technology. It is a cost-effective method to deliver key micronutrients to a large population.

Asbah is serving Fortified basmati Rice in two variants i.e. Asbah ‘Power Rice’ enriched with 8 micronutrients viz Vitamin A, B1, B6, B3, B12, Zinc, Iron and Folic Acid and Asbah ‘Silver Fortified Basmati Rice’ enriched with 3 micronutrients viz Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12. World’s 1st Fortified Basmati Rice ‘Power Rice’ will help meet the daily nutrition requirements and will provide a healthy and active life.

Mid-day meal programme

It is a matter of consideration that almost 65% of the population of our country gets the poor quality staple food. To fight against this paucity, rice fortification plays the significant role. With the help of these initiatives & safety programs, the food is reaching with its genuine quality and appropriate nutrition. The programs like Mid-Day Meal (MDM), Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and Public Distribution System (PDS). We are providing Fortified Rice to various Non-profit organizations to support governments programmes like Mid-day meal programme.

Fortified Basmati Rice can significantly address hemoglobin status, iron-deficiency anaemia, etc It is an effective method to improve cognition and physical performance and maintain the overall health of human body.


healthy rice

Asbah a Best Basmati Rice Brand in the Market

Basmati rice has always been a matter of discussion among people, especially among those who are very conscious about their health. Even when it comes to best basmati rice brand, you should smartly act to choose the best. But still the doubts not cleared, is rice truly high in calories or we should not include it in our diet.

Let’s focus in detail to decide, whether we should include Basmati Rice in our daily diet or not. Well, there are numerous thoughts contradicting each other while discussing the Basmati Rice. One major portion of people believes that it contains a lot of starch and fewer nutrients. Therefore, it should not be included in your diet especially those people who is very conscious about their health and serious about their fitness.

A few of them assume that basmati rice is healthy rice and it contains carbohydrates and necessary minerals, thus it should be consumed daily. People who are divided into two categories are not wrong or right. Here are some points to discuss –

1 – Asian Tradition Discussion

The argument is mainly for those people who consider that basmati rice is high in calories. Just look at Asian countries where basmati rice is the main food there and consuming generation after generation. Even though they have managed to keep themselves fit and healthy, so it proves that it is not high in calories.

2 – Eating Rice in Dinner

There are many people who consider that eating rice in dinner can become a reason of fat, so avoid it. But as per the medical report the fat not increases due to eating rice, but it increases because of calories you consumed throughout the day. Rice adds calories in that but not as much as you think. The amount of calories in Basmati rice is very less.

3 – Gluten is bad For Our Health

Certain amount of population in the world considers that rice contains gluten which is bad for our body. But one thing can be cleared from the laboratory report that Indian Basmati Rice is gluten-free, so if you are suffering from diabetic disease, you can still include basmati rice in your regular meal without any tension.


We recommend you that stop discussing on the basmati rice and just include it in your diet without feeling sorry.

Asbah is the first rice producing company that has introduced the fortified rice in India and serving quality basmati rice to more than thousands of home to prepare some tasty, aromatic and healthy food for their family and guests. Experience the real taste of basmati rice at Asbah.